Gamo Viper Express Air Shotgun & Rifle


This smoothbore delivers quite a punch! There aren’t that many combo shotguns and rifles these days, but Gamo’s Viper Express continues to interest airgunners because of the versatility of this airgun. In fact, the ability to use shot gives you hunting options other air rifles only dream of.

The special shotshells are sized for this .22-caliber bore. Because the loading port is sized for the shotshells, .22-caliber pellets will be loaded into a special chamber adapter you’ll insert before loading. But you’ll be able to quickly change back and forth between the shotshells and pellets by inserting or removing the pellet adapter. The front sight is a bead, but if you want to extract max accuracy from your Viper Express, mount a good-quality scope on the 11mm scope dovetails.

Built on the proven reliability of the Gamo 1000 powerplant, you’ll get 750 fps when shooting pellets and 725 fps with shotshells from the choked smoothbore. When shooting shot, you’ll get 1/4″ penetration into 200-lb. compressed paperboard

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Out of stock

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Caliber 5.5mm
Velocity 750 fps
Action Break barrel
Barrel Style Smooth bore
Fire Mode Single-shot
Barrel Length 18
Mechanism Spring piston
Safety Manual
Front Sights Bead
Trigger Adjustability Two-stage adjustable