Kral Arms Tundra White, Over & Under Shotgun, 12GA, 71cm with Ejector


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The Kral Arms Tundra White is an elegant and reliable over & under shotgun designed for various shooting disciplines. With a 12-gauge caliber, it delivers power and versatility. The shotgun features a 71cm (28-inch) barrel length, providing a balance between maneuverability and effective range.

Equipped with an ejector system, the Tundra White ensures efficient and reliable shell ejection for quick reloading. It has a total length of 115cm (45.3 inches) and a length of pull measuring 14.3 inches (36.5cm), offering a comfortable shooting experience for a wide range of shooters.

The stock of the Tundra White is crafted from high-quality Turkish walnut, known for its durability, strength, and attractive grain patterns. The steel receiver adds durability and robustness to the shotgun’s construction.

Weighing an average of 3.5kg (12 gauge), the Tundra White provides a balanced feel, promoting steady handling and controlled shooting. It comes with extended chokes, including C (Cylinder), IC (Improved Cylinder), M (Modified), IM (Improved Modified), and F (Full), allowing shooters to customize their shot pattern based on specific shooting requirements.

The Tundra White has a chamber capacity of 76mm (3 inches), accommodating a wide range of 12-gauge ammunition. Whether for hunting, clay shooting, or sport shooting, the Kral Arms Tundra White offers a combination of aesthetics and performance to meet the needs of discerning shotgun enthusiasts.

Model – 
Tundra White
Caliber – 12Ga
Barrel Length – 28″ / 71cm
System – Ejector
Total Length – 115cm / 45.3″
Length of Pull – 14.3″ / 36.5cm
Stock – High Quality Turkish Walnut
Receiver – Steel Receiver
Average Weight – 12Ga: 3.5kg
Choke – Extended Chokes C / IC / M / IM / F
Chamber – 76mm / 3inch