Lyman Cyclone Rotary Case Tumbler


The Lyman Cyclone Rotary Case Tumbler is designed to polish brass better than vibratory tumbler designs and restore even the most tarnished cases to a mirror-like shine inside and out. The small stainless pins easily penetrate inside cases and into primer pockets to deliver unbeatable cleaning power. The large volume drum holds up to 1000 pieces of .223 brass and has a molded in rubber lining to protect brass and dampen noise during operation. A built in timer in the base can be set to shut off automatically after the desired cleaning cycle. The kit includes the Lyman Dual Sifting System, to individually separate cases and pins, plus 5 lbs of stainless steel media pins and a sample packet of cleaning solution.


  • Fast, efficient case cleaning; inside, outside and primer pockets
  • Lined bowl for quiet operation
  • Belt drive operation for smooth, quiet tumbling
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Out of stock

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Media Included Yes
Media Capacity 5 Pound
Drum/Bowl Capacity 5 Pound