Lyman Orange Turbo Concentrated Cleaning Solution


Lyman Orange Turbo Concentrated Case Cleaning Solution is a powerful concentrated cleaning solution for cleaning or pre-cleaning large batches of brass cases. Simply mix a small amount of Orange Turbo with water and soak cases for 5 minutes or less.

This is ideal for cleaning extremely fouled cases prior to conventional vibratory cleaning in media. Orange Turbo is also ideal for shooters with out tumblers and allows cases to be cleaned inside and out. The solution has no foul odors it actually smells like oranges.

One 16 ounce bottle of concentrated cleaning solution will produce a gallon of cleaning solution.

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Use Liquid pre-cleaner for fouled cases.
Directions for Use Place fouled cases in a separate container and pour Orange Turbo Case cleaner over them. Cases should not be treated for more than 5 minutes.
Size 16 oz Bottle
Notes Lyman recommends that Orange Turbo Case Cleaner not be added to media. It is a stand alone treatment.