Titan Monolithic Rifle Bullets (7MM, 137GR)


Titan Monolithic Rifle Bullets are made of a brass alloy. Titan Monolithic Rifle Bullets are designed with a boattail so that the bullet can consistently leave the barrel crown, with an even pressure relief for better flight. Boattail bullets are able to provide flatter trajectories and higher retained velocities due to an improved ballistic coefficient and reduced aerodynamic drag.

Titan Monolithic Hollow Points Bullets allow for a more effective expansion of the bullet on impact with a medium. When a Titan Monolithic Bullet impacts on a medium (target) the Titan Monolithic Hollow Point Bullet will expand allowing for a more efficient energy transfer to the medium. The expanded piece (petals) will break from the main body of the bullet, so that the remaining piece of the bullet can travel through the medium in a straight path. The Titan Monolithic Bullets are therefore popular for hunting purposes. The meat los on the animal when hunted with a Titan bullet are minimal.

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Calibre 7mm Remington Magnum, 7x57mm Mauser, 7x64mm Brenneke
DIAMETER 0.284 Inches
QUANTITY 50 Bullet
BULLET STYLE Monolithic boattail